“This place has changed my way of thinking…”

“It wasn’t something that I would have signed up for but I’m glad I had the opportunity to be apart of this class. I also think Mr. Whitehead is a wonderful teacher…”

“Just listen and you’ll feel the change start in you. Everyone was beautiful and helpful here!”

“Ms. Walker is so nice! Can definitely say she made my experience here a lot better!”

“I’ll carry some of the things from this program with me for the rest of my life.”

“It was really helpful to my situation. I learned how to cope and deal with my situation better.”

“Thank you for helping me cope and understand my emotions. Its already been beneficial for me.”

“Thank you guys so much for helping me understand how to control my own destiny, and realizing how to control myself. PEACEWAY is the best. Thanks for all your concerns and prayers.”

“Dr. Nelson is AWESOME!!”

“Ms. Walker was great. Ladies up front in the office-Amazing. Workbook @ 2012 was hard to comprehend/confusing/same questions….hard to answer if you don’t know what the question is asking…”

“All I can say this class has been great. I think I needed the class more than I realize.”


“I happy with skills I have learned and excited to move forward with my new skills.”

“This was a good experience.”

“The program and staff have been very helpful supportive and understanding. They gave me the tools necessary for a better future.”

“I greatly enjoyed Dr. L Andrews and her ability to relate with everyone in my group.”

“During my time coming I wanna thank you for helping me control my anger.”

This comment is from a Referral Source: “Peaceway Counseling is my primary referral source and has been since they began offering services. The feedback from my clients has always ranged from excellent to great. There have been several occasions that a client of mine needed emergency services as the result of a traumatic incident but didn’t have the funds to pay for them. The staff at Peaceway donated their time and talents to these clients without hestitation. I will continue to refer my clients to Peaceway.”.