“Helping to put the pieces together”

PeaceWay Counseling & Mediation Services, Inc. (PCMS) is a Valdosta based clinical practice that focuses on helping families and individuals with putting the pieces together through therapeutic interventions. PCMS is dedicated to providing a variety of services which include: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Premarital Counseling, Martial Counseling and group therapy. Our therapists are trained professionals that are committed to providing quality service.


CARF International, a group of companies that includes CARF Canada and CARF Europe, is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services.

Integrity, Commitment, Professionalism...

Peaceway Counselors pride themselves on Integrity, commitment professionalism. We believe that many people are influenced by their surroundings, which suggests that people mimic the behavior that others display in their presence. Social theorist Albert Bandura referred to this process as the social learning theory. We believe that behavior is learned from the people, places and things that the individual has the most interaction with. We also believe that behavior can be unlearned. As clinicians working with our clients, we become a coach or co-constructor with the family in the therapeutic process.

Our Services

We offer services for a wide array of mental health concerns
which include but is not limited to the following areas:

Depression Anger Management Parenting education
Anxiety Couples Counseling Stress
Post-Traumatic Stress Family Counseling Work conflict
Grief and loss Marriage Counseling Conflict resolution
Child abuse and trauma Parent Child Conflict



What our happy customers say
Dear Dr. L. Andrews, I thank GOD for my STRUGGLES because without them I would have not STUMBLED across my STRENGTH. Through you GOD has blessed me with STRENGTH and ENCOURAGMENT and for that... I am forever GRATEFUL! May GOD continue to bless you.