The Risk Reduction Program (DUI School Program) was created by Georgia Law to improve and promote greater safety upon the highways and streets of this state; to improve the attitude and driving habits of drivers who accumulate traffic accident and motor vehicle conviction records; and to provide uniform DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Programs for the rehabilitation of persons identified as reckless or negligent drivers and frequent violators.


The curriculum used in the DUI School program is primarily focused on the prevention of any type of alcohol or drug problem. This includes prevention of health problems such as alcoholism, or impairment problems such as car crashes or fights. Emphasis is on knowing and understanding risks one cannot change, and reducing risks one can change. (Certification number 10083)

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Please contact the office for the next scheduled class time.Costs: $360

The DUI class or Risk Reduction class is a 20 hour course that typically meets on the weekends two times per month.

• Please contact the office for the next scheduled class time.

• Any person convicted of a DUI in Georgia, or a licensed Georgia driver who gets a DUI in another State must successfully complete a Department of Drivers Services (DDS) approved DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program and undergo a Clinical Evaluation and, if recommended, complete a Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

• The Clinical Evaluation is an assessment conducted by a DBHDD approved licensed or certified professional who is certified in the field of addiction.

• You must select a Clinical Evaluator from the DBHDD approved list. Based on their professional findings, the Clinical Evaluator may recommend treatment. Treatment means attendance and participation in the type of treatment recommended.