Summer Activities at Peaceway

Peaceway CMS offers a Summer Enrichment Program that  provides children
a full-day, eight week program which includes instructional programs and
educational field trips in a safe supervised environment.  
Programs included are:


• Academic improvement programs • Safety training  
 • Skill building  
• Self-esteem modeling  • Inspirational speakers and  
• Community involvement projects.


This program begins on June 1st and will end on July 31 and will be available to young people ages 11 to 16 years of age.  A nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack will be provided for each participating child in the program. In order to get as many children off the streets as possible, we are asking for your help in off-setting the cost of staff, facilities, field trips, educational materials and the provided meals.  


The registration fee is $10 per child. To sponsor a single child in the program is a $70 per week for instruction and materials totaling $560 for the eight week program. If you sponsor two or more children the instruction and materials fee drops to $50 per child, or only $400 per child for the entire eight week program. All sponsorships allow you to make a significant contribution in the safety and welfare of these children and in our community.


If you have questions about our program please don’t hesitate to call Peaceway CMS at 229-333-2351, or email me directly at You can also visit Sponsorship checks or financial assistance should be made payable to Peaceway Counseling & Mediation Services, Inc. and mailed or dropped off to 2405 Bemiss Road, Valdosta, Ga. 31602. Thank you for your consideration.

Your donation could save a child’s future…

Peaceway Counseling & Mediation Services is reaching out to ask for assistance in helping children in our community that live in low income housing and who have a single parent or guardian.  These less fortunate children spend their summers at home alone while their parent or guardian works to provide the bare necessities of food and utilities.

Unfortunately, many of these children will roam the streets and find potential trouble around any corner they turn. The goal is to provide a constructive and educational way for these children to spend their summer that will provide them a better foundation to be contributing and productive members of our community instead of being another statistic in our crowded jails.

Making a donation to PeaceWay CMS will allow you to plant seeds for the future of our children and the community. Please make your check or financial gift payable to: Peaceway CMS, 2405 Bemiss Road, Valdosta, GA. 31602. For questions or more information call 229-333-2351 or email