Peaceway Counseling Promotes



Learn how to save 7.5%
on Workers’ Compensation
Insurance premiums.

To serve and empower individuals and families by promoting healthy relationships within the community through therapeutic interventions.

Dr. F. Tirrell Andrews EdD; LMFT
Dr. Lucretia Andrews EdD; LMFT

Dr. F. Tirrell Andrews EdD; LMFT Dr. Lucretia Andrews EdD; LMFT

Peaceway Counseling & Mediation Services, Inc. sponsors the Chamber’s DRUGS DON’T WORK in South Georgia program. By implementing this program and eliminating drugs from your workplace you can learn how to save 7.5% on Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums.

One of the main goals of PeaceWay CMS is to strengthen families while promoting mental health and self sufficiency, ultimately resulting in a strong community.

Drugs Don't Work
Valdosta Chamber of Commerce